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Gift: CharlyDragonfly by NaocitaTama©NaocitaTama

the creations of my mind palace

L i v i a * N o r d i n dgm
that one girl that is my main oc, highly gifted, sometimes oblivious but very loyal. supposedly died in a battle between the Seed Of Destruction and Searching For A.W. Arcs
specifying character & personality design

R a v e n * L o o t a h dgm
Native American, whose heart still belongs to his culture and home and thus struggles with his new occupation. Silent fighter with various phobias due to the trauma of the genocide of his people.
male profile + fullbody character design under construction




Liluscious's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
YO, I am the Pump(kin)queen!
Thank you my friends STAMP by izka197thank you for the fav stamp by fear-the-brillianceThank you my friends STAMP by izka197
hiya, you can call me Lu, or Liv by the name of my main fc or give me any nickname that you think suits me.

I'm that girl with a variety of quirks who enjoys writing far too much and oh, yes, draws from time to time.
I'd love to talk more to y'all but I'm too shy/insecure to start a conversation oh and I also don't know how to I am still always up for a chat or just to listen ♥

Allen | D. Gray Man by JustYoungHeroes Allen | D. Gray Man by JustYoungHeroes
I'm a slut for my characters & wish I could ramble more about them, snapchat lenses and late night talks always up for the last one tbh and anything D.Gray-man related.

| writer & blogger
| loves sports (dancing, climbing ...)
| part time gamer
| currentlymostly D. Gray-man related art

| guilty pleasures: iced coffee | Allvia | Native American Music | English | PhiLuSophie

| >>> LU NEWS: backpain & weird shit happening to my wrist. slow art. + currently a lot random gifties ♥

| g o a l s aka amazing people

AT: Liluscious  by NaocitaTama©NaocitaTama


[DGM] Livia Nordin by Liluscious
[DGM] Livia Nordin
//clears throat tadaa~
not gonna add the bio now because I'm rather insecure buuut I will add it some day.just as facial expressions and a better background also open for relationships (friendships, dislikes) w other fcs and looking for a squad p much ...

I'll prolly forget something super important
m'kay, I never was really happy with the look of Livia's uniform, and this design was planned from the very beginning, I guess? I just never knew how to do it no worries, I'm keeping the culottes design for another oc of mine xD but I wanted something more unique and after this year's wgt wave gothic treffen I decided to finally change it.
I figured that both, Livia and I, don't like to wear boots too high plus she has her Innocence and that closed collars would make her gag every once in a while since the uniform material is prolly not as comfy as a turtleneck top made out of soft fabric orz
this design is inspired by real life clothes and a real life outfit
I do have a jacket like this click me; back | and apparently there are trousers like this, fitting to the jacket like this | I also have the shoes here
and decided to fit it into the D.Gray-verse.
the trousers in the casual are the same pattern as her uniform trousers and they are short, just as the sleeves because if not, her chains would get stuck in her clothes//kicked
also, the ruffles are sewed onto the material of the sleeves.

the different shade of red in the ruffles can be seen in ChikitaWolf s character Kira Malcolm and she "allowed" me to use it for Liv's uniform design thanks again

Something special
Livia's Innocence turned Crystal during the latter dgm arcs and since Hoshino-sama didn't provide a lot of information regarding that type of Innocence, I came up with a headcanon for Livia of having four stigmata (inner wrists, Achilles tendon) since it is easier to reforge the chains weapon with her feet and not the wrists. I want these lower stigmata to appear during a fight against a level four, where she actually has to reforge the weapons. but that's all just a big mess in my head right now

also it's 2 am and I can't think of anything else. feel free to ask though(!)
super simple shades tbh//shot

download for fullview x3

:note: this information will be edited every once in a while but me impatient, me want to show//shot

D. Gray-man © Katsura Hoshino
Livia Nordin, Art © Liluscious
[DGM] Pirates by Liluscious
[DGM] Pirates
Nothing is true, everything is permittedtotally not stolen from Assassin's Creed//shot

idk why but they kinda look like smol pirates, scouting for the next ship to capture//rolls
anyway HAPPY late BIRTHDAY HanzuKing !!! I intended on drawing you a Lavi and Hanzu but I can't draw him ._. so have some Liv and Hanzu cheebs instead for some reason I struggle with drawing properly lmao which is why the other gift has yet to be finished >-<
also Liv new uniform, finally even though her arms är probably crossed on this picture lmao

I wanted to upload this gift before commenting on this awesome piece of art(!)
anyway, hope you had a great day and enjoy some silly chibi stuff ^.^
Hanzu is grinning as usually and Liv is just like wtf what u doin? aha xD

Hanzu © HanzuKing 
Art, Livia Nordin © Liluscious
D. Gray-man © Katsura Hoshino
-sigh- and here's the wip of the hopefully final version of Livia's uniform. she changed a lot during the past years, I struggled a lot, I still look for a squad/team for her. and I plan smol changes for her Innocence. but I absobloodylutely adore the new uniform even though the length of the sleeves and trousers might change bc I'm not sure yet lmao not sure about the back part either
also yeah her hair is long aha xD 
Livia uniform update by Liluscious

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